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aussie 23-10-2002 09:41 PM

Driving around Lae, Morobe Province
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When you fly into Lae, you have to land at Nadzab airport which is some 40 minutes drive out of the town centre depending on the state of the roads.

Welcome to Nadzab Airport :

aussie 23-10-2002 09:44 PM

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Our staff member Maureen (her first time in Lae for the Morobe Show) poses here for a photo with the bus driver before the drive into Lae City to the Huon Gulf Hotel :

aussie 23-10-2002 09:50 PM

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Big open carpark at Nadzab :

Editors Note: If you are travelling in and out of Lae often, it is wise to join the Air Niugini Executive Club. It is relatively cheap and can be a lot more comfortable in their lounge then being forced to wait for hours in the outer public area, especially if you flight is running behind schedule. Air Niugini charge K275.00 for membership per annum which also entitles you to their lounge in Port Moresby.

aussie 23-10-2002 09:55 PM

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Lake near the Lae Showgrounds :

I was dared to swim across this pond when I was about 10. I did it. Not sure who was there at the time, but it was quite dagerous, as the weed was very long and close to the surface. I was was aware of it the whole 150 metres I assure you. Hope my son never does this **** for a dare. Like I have proved here, I can't even remember who dared me 25 years later :) young and stupid.

Has anyone else swum across the Round Water?

This is not a dare. Don't ever attempt it. (N)


aussie 23-10-2002 10:00 PM

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If you are looking to book a car to take you to and from Nadzab, contact Morobe Tours : Telephone +675 479 4787 :

aussie 23-10-2002 10:10 PM

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Lae Golf Clubhouse.

Lae has one of the most beautiful golf courses in Papua New Guinea. Whilst having one of the highest rainfalls in the country, I have never known a time that golf could not be played.

If you are a tennis player, there are tennis courts for your pleasure as well as a chinese restaurant situated on the premises for a night out on the town.

aussie 23-10-2002 10:14 PM

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Lonely coconut on the waterfront close to the Lae Yacht Club :

aussie 23-10-2002 10:16 PM

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Location of Lae :

aussie 23-10-2002 10:18 PM

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Aerial view of Lae City :

aussie 23-10-2002 10:20 PM

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Lae Post Office taken 19th October, 2002 :

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